Postgraduate Space & Service Design (English)


Location: Mechelen -Campus Lucas Faydherbe

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Design for Change

  • One year specialisation in the design of spaces, furniture, objects and services.

  • During this English programme (minimum 45 ECTS) you will have the opportunity to participate in real-life design projects and co-design workshops for real clients, non-profit and social enterprises. These projects will be supported by a sound set of practice-based subjects, lectures and tutorials in English.
  • We address contemporary real world challenges  such as new learning environments, design for care, hospitable cities, design for sustainable food production and consumption, design for local communities, design for sustainable development, design for nature experience...
  • Students develop, in an international, cross-disciplinary class setting, their knowledge of user-centered experiences, service contexts and research for design. The major goal is to create sustainable added value for clients and users of (semi-)public spaces and services.
  • Postgraduates in Space and Service Design are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to design spaces, services, furniture, objects and experiences in order to support society oriented projects. Become a future-proof designer!

This program is developed in collaboration with the PBA Interior Design, Unit Interior & Design

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Nansi Van Geetsom
Course coordinator
Guy Foulon
Unitmanager Interieur, Design & Architectuur

Course content and approach

  • First Semester
  • Second Semester
  • Targeted students
  • First Semester

    First Semester

    The first semester will provide you with detailed knowledge and skills in environment & service design, research for design and service design communication tools. This information will help you to develop creative design ideas and to deliver relevant solutions.

    In this PG-program you will apply your previous design knowledge. You collaborate in international, multidisciplinary design teams, taking up different roles throughout the design process and interact with clients and users.

    You can extend your program (45 ECTS credits) with electives (up to 60 ECTS credits) such as languages, intercultural communication, entrepreneurship and managerial problem solving skills, depending on your previous knowledge and skills and personal interest.

  • Second Semester

    Second Semester

    The second semester offers you the opportunity to excel in an individual real-life project and an (international) internship. In this individual major project you will demonstrate your research skills and your ability to define the tangible and intangible context and needs. You create relevant user-centred design solutions which you effectively communicate using adequate media.

  • Targeted students

    Targeted students

    Your reasons for applying: You are convinced that designers are not only responsible for the shape of spaces and products but also for the experiences and well-being of all users.

    You share the idea that the future-proof designer has al role to play in tackling contemporary social, cultural and economic problems trough evidence-based and human centred design.

    You want to learn how to apply designers’ skills, methods and user-centred approaches to improve spaces and services so they become more effective and closer to day-to-day lives.

Course structure

  • First Semester
  • Second Semester
  • First Semester

    First Semester

    First Semester (Autumn Semester)

    • Design_Space & Service Design (12 credits)
    • Design & Research (3 credits)

    Electives (developed in collaboration with PBA Interior Design, Unit Interior & Design)

    • Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
    • Autocad (3 credits)
    • Design Communication (6 credits)

    Electives (developed in collaboration with other Units Thomas More)

    • Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
    • Ethical Managerial Problem-Solving (3 credits)
    • Any Language (3 credits)
  • Second Semester

    Second Semester

    Second Semester (Spring Semester)

    • Final Project_Space & Service Design (24 credits)
    • Professional experience (6 credits)

Why choose Postgraduate Space & Service Design (English)


Partners In Education

We work demand-driven and aim to respond to real-life design problems. Consequently every year is different and offers new collaborations. Current and previous partners: City of Mechelen, Social House of Mechelen, House of Entrepreneurs Mechelen, Nature Point, Regional Landscape Rivierenland, Nature and Wood, Flanders DC, Society Building Antwerp Province, several public services, ngo’s and service design organisations, design and architecture internship agencies.

design Nature Experience Centre: Jone Vangoidsenhoven


Hyperactive Campus

Our campus is one of our most important assets ... Campus Lucas Faydherbe is a stimulating, inspiring complex of large and light studios. No traditional school buildings, no corridors, no classrooms, but ateliers, workshops, a knowledge centre fab lab, a cozy foyer in a converted factory building. Prototypes and presentations are set up everywhere, ready to test, to be (re)viewed, admired...

Together we make school.


Appreciated by clients and workfield

“The collaboration with the students and teachers of Space & Service Design led to a fascinating design process, with a lot of educational exchanges between different actors, paying attention to the needs of socially vulnerable families and with a beautiful final result: the Playbike!" - Stéphanie Vandenbossche - Social Worker - Society Building Antwerp Province vzw

picture: Isabel Rottiers
design Playbike: Elena Tytgat, Lore Blockx, Thomas Fendt

Facilities and student support

A team of professionals gives advise, guides, helps and assists students. In addition to training courses, Thomas More offers a whole range of student facilities. Discover how we can help you.

Stéphanie Vandenbossche - Social Worker

Society Building Antwerp Province vzw
The collaboration with the students and teachers of Space & Service Design led to a fascinating design process, with a lot of educational exchanges between different actors, paying attention to the needs of socially vulnerable families and with a beautiful final result: the Playbike!

Info Moments at Thomas More

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