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Your voice counts!

  • Think about and help work on improving your degree programme. 
  • Give advice on the structure of the curriculum. 
  • Give feedback about the content of your programme.  
  • Help ensure that exams and holidays are evenly spaced. 
  • Promote a good atmosphere on campus. 
  • Have a say in how student areas are used.  

Student representatives

As a member of a student council, you are entitled to a number of facilities to fulfil your mandate as best you can. 

  • you can also take up the subject Student Participation as part of your study programme. In this course, you will delve into effective student representation. 
  • you can participate in workshops where you strengthen competences that are useful in the context of student representation.
  • you can participate in the annual college congress aimed at all employees of Thomas More. 

On our annual meeting you get to know student representatives from other degree programmes and campuses and enter into direct dialogue with the management. This is the ideal time to help outline the future of Thomas More. Themes of previous editions were student facilities, golden ticket, inclusion and so on.