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Peer-reviewed articles

Document type Title Author Date Category Link

Insect as food and food ingredients: current status of insect farming for food application (chapter 2)

Pilot-scale cultivation of the red alga Porphyridium purpureum over a two-year period in a greenhouse

The nutritional profile, mineral content and heavy metal uptake of yellow mealworm reared with supplementation of agricultural sidestreams

The Application of Mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) Oil in Cosmetic Formulations

Microalgal cultivation on grass juice as a novel process for a green biorefinery

Determining the Effect of Different Reproduction Factors on the Yield and Hatching of Tenebrio Molitor Eggs

Pilot-Scale Cultivation of the Snow Alga Chloromonas typhlos in a Photobioreactor

Impact of Particle Size on Toxicity, Tissue Distribution and Excretion Kinetics of Subchronic Intratracheal Instilled Silver Nanoparticles in Mice. 

Insects as Diet and Therapy: Perspectives on Their Use for Combating Diabetes Mellitus in Tanzania

Growth of Black Soldier Fly larvae reared on organic sidestreams

Valorisation potential of using organic side streams as feed for Tenebrio molitor, Acheta domesticus and Locusta migratoria

Real-time Monitoring of Microalgal Biomass in Pilot-Scale Photobioreactors Using Nephelometry

Waste Is the New Wealth – Recovering Resources From Poultry Wastewater for Multifunctional Microalgae Feedstock

Basics of edible insect rearing: production practices (chapter 4)

Glycine-acyl surfactants prepared from black soldier fly fat, coconut oil and palm kernel oil

Development of a classification model for the antigenotoxic activity of flavonoids

Consumer perception of insects in non-food products

Risks related to the presence of Salmonella sp. during rearing of mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) for food or feed: Survival in the substrate and transmission to the larvae

Mining a Nanoparticle Dataset, Compiled Within the MODENA-COST Action

EU US Roadmap Nanoinformatics, chapter 6 Nanochemoinformatics and Statistical Modelling

Insects as an alternative  source for the production of fats for cosmetics

Assessing the microbiota of black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) reared on organic waste streams on four different locations at laboratory and large scale

Testing the mutagenicity potential of chemicals

Evaluation of in silico tools to predict the skin sensitisation potential of chemicals. SAR and QSAR 

Evaluation of existing (Q)SAR models for skin and eye irritation and corrosion to use for REACH registration


Document type Title Author Date Category Link

ValuSect WP5 - Literature review: defining knowledge gaps on the sustainable production of insects for feed

Onderzoek frass - restsubstraat van insectenkweek

ValuSect WP2 - Literature review: processing of insects as a whole or as fractions

ValuSect WP1 - Literature search on sustainable production of insects for food

Entomospeed - Groei, voederconversie en afvalreductie van BSF-larven gekweekt op mycelium van Aspergillus niger

Entomospeed - Groei, voederconversie, afvalreductie en samenstelling van BSF larven gekweekt op swill (3)

Entomospeed - Groei, voederconversie en afvalreductie van BSF larven gekweekt op swill (2) 

Entomospeed - Groei, voederconversie, afvalreductie en samenstelling van BSF larven (1)

Other publications

Document type Title Author Date Category Link

Kweekhandleiding meelwormen

Kweekhandleiding zwarte soldatenvlieg

Handleiding voor insectenkwekers- en verwerkers richting een duurzame en voedselveilige insectenkweek