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Stefano Beccaletto

Duurzaam Ondernemen en Digitale Innovatie


Stefano Beccaletto is XR Developer & Researcher. He has an MSc degree in Computer Science, specialized in Computer Graphics. Most of his experience lays in Computational Geometry and the design and development of end-user applications.


Dynamic, enthusiastic, and self-motivated. Stefano Beccaletto is currently an XR developer and researcher at Thomas More. He’s an Italian software engineer specialising in computer graphics, and over the years, he has had the opportunity to work on different projects 3D-related. Indeed, most of his experience lies in computational geometry and the design and development of end-user applications. The insatiable desire for challenges led him abroad to shape his career. Stefano worked as a BIM software engineer at ENGIE Tractebel inside the Nuclear Department while being the project's leading developer. During this time, he developed a strong passion for Extended Reality and game development. Therefore, after two years in Tractebel, he joined Thomas More and contributed while conducting practice-oriented research to develop new XR-related applications. Indeed, Stefano joined the CIB group and actively participated in projects for the Experience Hub and the development of proof of concept for Augmented Customer Involvement and Virtual Worlds.

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