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Theme 2024

Democracy or Democrazy: navigating the impact of AI on society.

In an era where Artificial Intelligence is evolving at an unprecedented pace, it's important that we examine its role within democratic societies. 
Does AI fortify democratic values or does it pose a potential threat?  
We want to believe AI is a catalyst for strengthening democracies, increasing citizen participation. However, there have been negative examples of its impact threatening the power of democracy, leading to biases and a diluted form of democracy, perhaps a 'democrazy'. 
Let's explore and gain insight in this topic together so we can strive for a future where AI strengthens democracy! 

Practical Information

There is no subscription fee. Guests only need to book accommodation and travel arrangements themselves.

For partners inside the EU and KA171 partners, we support the Erasmus+ teaching exchange/staff training programme and will sign the necessary documents.