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Study and living costs

These estimates are based on research of the study and living costs by our Centre for Budget Advice and Research (our  research group linked to the Bachelor programme in social work of Thomas More). This information is provided to ensure that you are fully aware of the likely costs of your study. Therefore we advise you to consider them very carefully.

Likely living costs

These are the likely living costs (accommodation, food, personal items, social activities, study cost without tuition fees and transport) for a single, full-time degree student:

  • for 1 month: between € 850 and € 1,150
  • for 7 months: between € 5,990 and € 8,000
  • for a whole academic year: between € 10,260 and € 13,590

Additional costs and student advantages

You may need to make additional provision for costs such as a student visa, international travel to and from your study location and internships.  For some of our programmes you'll also need to purchase specific study materials.