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Tuition fees 2024/2025

Start in FALL

Fixed cost* € 288 € 4,500
Cost fall semester (30 credits) € 414 € 2,250
Cost spring semester (30 credits) € 414 € 2,250
Total tuition fee start in FALL (60 credits) € 1,116 € 9,000

The tuition fee for students with an EEA-nationality starting in 2024/2025 is composed of a fixed component of € 288 and a variable component of € 13.80 per credit. 
The tuition fee for students with a non-EEA-nationality starting in academic year 2024/2025 consists of a fixed amount of € 4,500 and a variable amount of € 75 per credit. An overview of the cost for a non-EEA national can be found here.



Fixed cost* € 288 € 4,500
Cost fall semester (30 credits) - -
Cost spring semester (30 credits) € 414 € 2,250
Total tuition fee start in SPRING (30 credits) € 702 € 6,750

*The academic year always runs from September to August. If you start in the Spring semester (February) you pay the fixed amount for that ongoing academic year (that runs until August). Once you re-enroll in September, you will need to pay the total fixed amount again, this amount will then cover September to August.

**We do offer a merit-based scholarship. Please scroll down to find out more about our tuition fee waiver.

We do not ask an admission or application fee nor do we provide documents via email. Should you receive an invoice or document of which the authenticity is questionable, please contact 

Paying the tuition fee 2024/2025


Thomas More offers a non-monetary scholarship to international students. You can get a discount on the tuition fee via the merit-based scholarship or tuition fee waiver.

Tuition Fee Waiver 2024/2025

Non-EEA students who pay the increased tuition fee can receive a discount.
For students in their first year of enrolment, the discount is calculated on the basis of the study efficiency after their first semester:

If the student reaches 60% study-efficiency* at the end of the semester, he/she receives a discount for the course units of the next semester.

As of the second year of enrolment (new academic year), the discount is calculated based on the year-study efficiency of the previous academic year. If a student achieves 70% study-efficiency in the previous academic year, he/she receives a discount for all course units of the following academic year.

*this is also applies for students who start in February. They will receive a discount on their current semester instead of the next semester. The academic year always runs from September to August.


Non-EEA start in 
September 2024

Non-EEA start in 
February 2024
Total tuition fee without
€ 9,000 € 6,750
Total tuition fee with
€ 7,200 € 5,850


Living costs 2024/2025

These estimates are based on research of the study and living costs by CEBUD (centre for budget advice and research), a research group linked to the Bachelor programme in social work of Thomas More. This information is provided to ensure that you are fully aware of the likely costs of your study. Therefore we advise you to consider them very carefully.

These are the likely living costs (accommodation, food, personal items, social activities, study cost without tuition fees and transport) for a single, full-time degree student:

for 1 month: between € 850 and € 1,150
for 7 months: between € 5,990 and € 8,000
for a whole academic year: between € 10,260 and € 13,590

Accommodation averages per month (for a student room):

Sint-Katelijne-Waver: € 367 - € 516
Geel: € 290 - € 430
Mechelen: € 386 - € 545
Antwerp: € 470 - € 503

The amounts mentioned above are the average rental prices of a standard student room with common kitchen and sanitary facilities. If you seek for a room which include kitchen and bathroom for yourself, you will have to pay more each month. The sooner you start your search for a room (we recommend at the end of Apil), the more options you have in finding what you want. Bear in mind that the cheapest rooms are taken very quickly. Allow an average € 30 - € 60 per month for utilities, depending on the type of student home.

You can read more information about renting a student room on this page

The overview gives you the average rental prices at the private rental market. Take into account increased rent, due to rising energy costs and possible extra index adjustments. 

Blocked account 2024/2025

Additional study costs

Books and study material
These are not included in the tuition fee and will need to be purchased seperately upon arrival. 

Laptops and software
A computer is a necessary support for your studies. You can access the digital learning environment with it, follow online lessons, do exercises… This is why we advise you to foresee a good computer and software for the start of your new academic year. 
Once you are enrolled, you will get access to the software platform of Academic Software. Here you will not only find all kinds of useful software tools you can use for your degree programme, but you will also get technical support on the phone during the installation and usage of the software. All students get access to this bundle, it costs 30€ (for 23/24).

You may need to make additional provision for costs such as a student visa, international travel to and from your study location and internships.
For some of our programmes you'll also need to purchase specific study materials:
Automotive Technology