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English Bachelor's Degree

Automotive Technology



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Drive your ambition further!

  • High-octane blood runs through your veins and fuels your passion for cars, trucks, motorcycles and all things automotive!
  • You’re keen to delve deeper into all areas of the automotive industry from mechanical to electronic engineering and motorsport.
  • Become an expert in all major automotive systems.
  • Learn how to diagnose a wide range of electronic and mechanical faults.
  • Turn your hobby into a full-blown profession through intensive training.
  • Explore the latest technological innovations from internal combustion engines to alternative hybrid and electric drivetrain systems.
  • Become a future-proof automotive specialist with an emphasis on diagnostic techniques, trending technologies and management skills.
studenten en docent bekijken de motor van een vrachtwagen

The job of your life

Choose your programme type



Automotive Technology

  • Choose one of three specialisation tracks to launch your career in Trucks, Motorcycles or Motorsport.
  • Start this flexible 6-semester programme in February or September.


Practical information

  • Duration

    3 years

  • Where

    On campus

  • Extra financial information

    We want all our students to be able to work safely during their classes. Therefore, at the start of the academic year, you must purchase a couple of things that you will need during your studies.



  • Phase 1 | Get a solid grounding in the basics of automotive technology and general sciences. A mix of theoretical classes and hands-on practical labs will hone your problem-solving skills as you apply them to diagnosing electrical and mechanical faults and system failures.
  • Phase 2 | Work on electric and hybrid cars and familiarise yourself with the latest diagnostic tools that will shape you into a future-proof professional. Explore the world of alternative fuel system technologies and specialise in either Motorsport Engineering, Motorcycles, Trucks or Heavy Duty Vehicles.
  • Phase 3 | Immerse yourself in the fast-moving field of autonomous driving systems and deep dive into a specific topic of your choosing in your final semester as part of your bachelor’s thesis.


Below you can find an overview of the courses ( under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per phase. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit. 

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  


Phase 1 2 3
Drivetrain Technologies i 6
Internal Combustion Engines i 6
Fuel Systems and Alternative Fuels i 6
Electric and Hybrid Drive Technologies i 3
Mechanical Automotive Systems i 6
Battery Systems and Accumulators i 3
Vehicle Electronics 6 4
Automotive IT i 3 3
Vehicle Networks i 4
Engine Management i 6
Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS i 6
Automotive Electricity i 6 6
Automotive Testing 3
Diagnosis Expert i 6
Mechanics 3
Strength of Materials 3
Phase 1 2 3
Applied Math 6
Thermodynamics in Automotive 6
Hydraulics and Pneumatics for Automotive 3
Materials and Welding Technology 3
Chemical Processes 3
Vehicle Dynamics 3
Ethical Entrepreneurship 3
Expertise and Insurances 3
Projectmanagement and Communication 3
International Experience 3
Autolab i 12
In-company Internship 4
Bachelorthesis / Internship 30
Master Technician Program 30
SPECIALISATION (choose one) 6 3
Motorsport Engineering i
Motorcycles and Motorbikes
Heavy Duty Vehicles and Trucks



This course does not start in February.


Automotive Technology Center

Step inside our Automotive Technology Centre and find more than 20 different vehicles along with all kinds of setups for you to test out . From a 4x4 dynamometer to suspension, brake and engine test benches. For real hands-on learning!

Master Technician Certificate

Add this elective to your final semester and get the qualifications you need to kick-start your career. Brand-specific OEM training will open the doors to employment opportunities at official dealerships of all the major car manufacturers.

Student projects

Join the Formula Electric Belgium student team for your chance to help build the vehicle of the future. As a key member of the team, you’ll enter your project at international competitions throughout Europe.

In practice  

The classroom is where you develop your theoretical undertstanding of mechanical and electronic vehicle systems. The Automotive Technology Centre is where you put it to the test during practical lab sessions with our wide range of vehicles, installations and diagnostic and measurement tools.

But our hands-on approach doesn’t stop there. Our partnerships with local dealers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and other key industry players offer all kinds of opportunities for your phase 2 traineeship and your 12-week bachelor’s thesis internship in your final semester.

Finally, our Master Technician Certificate allows you to combine the training programme of BMW or Volvo with your Thomas More degree. Essential for those looking to work at licensed dealerships or OEM.


studenten en docent bekijken de motor van een vrachtwagen

Go international  

Expand your horizons during the second or third phase of your course by studying abroad. An Erasmus or another study exchange programme can be a great way to explore the world, build a network of like-minded colleagues and acquire a different perspective on familiar topics.

You also have the option of completing your final bachelor’s thesis at one of our partner institutes in France, Portugal, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany or elsewhere.

If you join our Formula Electric Belgium student project, you’ll also have the chance to compete at various international student competitions.

Finally, our automotive experience tour in your final year will immerse you in the production lines and automotive heritage of top manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.


Studenten klaar voor vertrek in Centraal Station

Personal coaching

Never hesitate to ask questions before, during and after class. You’ll find our teaching staff to be both friendly and supportive. They will give you frequent feedback on your progress and advise you on your future automotive career. Your study counsellor will also help you put together your individual study programme, while your care coordinator is available anytime to help you develop a good study attitude and study plan.

Got questions?

Programme manager

Bram Robyn

For all your questions on the programme content and structure. +32 492 19 08 49
Study Counsellor & Care Coordinator

Nadia Van Puyenbroeck

For all your questions on study methods and your wellbeing in our programme. +32 15 30 66 29

Admissions Officer

For all your questions about Admissions & Application.
Available by phone 9.00 - 15.00 +32 15 36 92 50

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