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Arrival days... here they come!

We are eager to  meet you in Belgium and are thrilled to welcome you as from 9 September

First time in Belgium? A little bit nervous? No need to, as we have 'buddies', local students who will be exited to guide you and help you adjust to life in Belgium if you want.

Signed up already for a buddy? Yes, your buddy or first friend in Belgium will be ready to help you out when you arrive, to make you feel at ease as from your first days in Belgium! 
Forgot to sign up for a buddy? No worries? Just contact our international support team to help you out!
No need for a buddy? Also fine for us! Looking forward to meet you during our Welcome Days!

Welcome Days! Don't you dare to miss these!

At Thomas More,  your first academic year starts with Welcome Days: several days filled with a mix of educational workshops and enjoyable activities.

Get to know your fellow students, campus and study programme before classes start.  Welcome Days are the ideal combination of relaxing activities and very useful information sessions.  These information sessions are part of your programme and therefore a must. Once you registered, you can find the detailed schedule on the student portal (for degree students).

Welcome Days - September 2024

Will you be starting your studies at Thomas More in the autumn semester? We are happy to welcome you on our campuses as from 9 September 2024.  Therefore, make sure you arrive in Belgium before that date.  Keep an eye hereunder. Information will be updated regularly.

Welcome Days - February 2025

Too early for details... but of course we will organise a splendid welcome week for you!

Welcome Days -  as from 9 September 2024