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Laptop requirements

Do you already have a laptop? Great! You don't always need to buy a new one, but make sure to check if your computer meets the specific requirements of your programme. Some programmes require using your own laptop and have specific demands for it. This ensures that the programmes you will use during your studies run smoothly on your laptop.

What should my laptop be capable of? If your device currently works smoothly during video conferences (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, ...), you will likely be able to connect well during online classes.

Financial picture

Are you concerned about the financial aspect? Our Student Services (Stuvo) department may be able to provide financial assistance through a Stuvo allowance and/or temporarily provide a loaner laptop in case of financial need.

You can make an appointment through this link.

(Academic) Software

Once you have enrolled, you will gain access to the software portal of Academic Software: a download portal with software licenses. Academic Software offers a basic package (antivirus, Office, web hosting, etc.) as well as a package of program-specific software. All students will have access to this bundle, and will pay maximum €35.00 during academic year 2024-2025 at registration, along with the fixed portion of tuition. 

This portal also provides support for software installation and activation on your own device. Academic Software can be consulted for software-related issues throughout your entire duration of study.


Specifications per programme

Some programmes have expanded the Academic Software with additional programmes, making it slightly more expensive. You can find this information on the student portal.

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