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What is a buddy? 

What is a buddy? Your buddy is your first local friend! A buddy is a local student who can help you adjust to life in Belgium. When you apply for a buddy, you will be paired with a Thomas More student based on shared interests and hobbies. Your buddy can show you the nicest places around town and in Belgium and introduce you to the local student life. Plus your buddy can help you with practical questions, like registering at the city hall, finding a place to live, planning your arrival in Belgium, helping you find your classes and much more!


Once you have been accepted as a student at Thomas More, you will receive a personalised e-mail with more information on how to apply for a buddy!

Here are the steps:

  1. Apply at Thomas More
  2. Get accepted
  3. Check your personal email on a regular basis, we will sent you all the information you need!

Enrolled and curious? 

Check out our student portal to see what it is all about!

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