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Practical info

The internship is an obligatory curriculum component for all final-year students and is conceived as the capstone of the bachelor's program. Our program links the bachelor project to the internship, for which we also expect your cooperation. The internship guidelines contain the objective of the internship as well as the commitment of the parties involved.

The internship period starts mid September and ends mid December, for the minority of the students or for most of the students the internship starts mid February and ends mid of May at the latest.

The internship offers the student experiential learning opportunities through active presence in a real professional and social work environment. During the internship, the student can apply his theoretical knowledge in real practical situations that are in line with the nature and level of the programme. 

What do we expect from the internship?

  • The intern is assigned a personal mentor at the internship site who provides the intern with the necessary support and ensures regular follow-up of the internship progress.
  • The internship takes place in a real professional and social work environment.
  • The intern gets to know the internal functioning of an organisation, its structure, working atmosphere, working methods, expectations, work pace, company culture.
  • The workload for the intern corresponds to that of a normal work week.
  • The internship site formulates an internship assignment that corresponds to the professional competencies of the major.

Modalities International Business & Trade Mechelen

More specific information about the guidelines can be found in the table below:

Programme Guidelines
International Business & Trade Link

Interested? Submit your internships

We work with an internship portal. Companies register in the portal and can submit internship applications. The internship agreement and evaluations are done through the portal. Thus, everything is kept centrally for each student.


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