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Energy in buildings


Demonstration of innovative energy-saving measures (SEE2DO!)

Inducing action through demonstration of positive effects


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How do you approach a renovation and how do you ensure lower energy consumption in the process? Finding your way through the many energy-saving measures and subsidy schemes designed for this purpose is not easy. See2Do! can help.

The philosophy of See2Do! is simple: 'doing' by 'showing'. By demonstrating innovative energy-saving measures and their positive effects, homeowners and owners of public buildings are inspired to take action.

See2do! aimed to generate interest among individuals and municipalities by displaying energy loss trough thermographic recordings, street and house scans, and aerial photographs. Highlighting the potential for energy-efficient renovation by demonstrating best practice is also important.


  • Gemeente Maastricht
  • Gemeente Weert
  • Gemeente Breda
  • Syntra West
  • Katholieke Hogeschool VIVES
  • Provincie Antwerpen
  • Kamp C Duurzaam Bouwen
  • Stad Mechelen
  • West-Vlaamse Intercommunale
  • Stad Brugge
  • Gemeente Helmond
  • Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen
  • Gemeente Bekkevoort
  • Brugse Maatschappij voor Huisvesting



Lien Mertens

Energy training coordination. Energy researcher.


Paul De Schepper

Expertise in building energy technologies.