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Anne Smits

Sustainable Business and Digital Innovation

Anne Smits is a researcher at the Sustainable Business and Digital Innovation expertise centre. Her experience is situated in the field of digital product development, User Experience and user research and this in both a B2B and B2C context.

About Anne

As a researcher and previously also as a consultant, Anne has gained experience in co-creation with various types of stakeholders and connecting user needs with sales, marketing and business objectives. Within the Sustainable Business and Digital Innovation expertise centre, Anne is currently working on the Augmented Customer Involvement, Smart Retail Area and Campus Lab projects. Each of these projects looks at the deployment and added value of new technologies. Campus Lab also looks at the potential of emotion-detecting technologies. Her interest is in the interaction of people with technology and the impact and added value of technologies for both the company and end users. Based on her interest in human behaviour and behavioural change, she is currently studying Psychology in evening school.