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Portretfoto Dorien Vandenborre
Research line coordinator

Dorien Vandenborre

Care and Well-being - People and Well-being

Dorien Vandenborre (PhD) has been a lecturer-researcher at the People and Well-being Expertise Centre since 2015. She has expertise in neurogenic communication disorders and qualitative research (in-depth interviews).

About Dorien

Dorien Vandenborre started her speech therapy studies at Ghent University and then obtained a PhD in linguistics at the Free University of Brussels. The title of her PhD was ' A neurolinguistic investigation of language profiles in patients with acquired brain injury'. Her current research focuses on strengthening the (communication) skills of people with brain injury. For instance, she is project leader of a transnational project on occupational rehabilitation. She is also actively involved in two Dutch participatory action research projects to make (future) care professionals more communicative.

Onderzoeker onder de loep: Dorien Vandenborre

Full recovery from a brain injury is not possible. Still, the ambition should be to support someone as far as possible in their recovery.