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Eric Goubin

Sustainable Business and Digital Innovation

Eric Goubin has been a researcher at Thomas More since 1997 and over the years has specialised in inclusive communication and communication management in social-profit organisations and government.

About Eric

Eric Goubin (°1963) is lead lecturer and senior researcher, specialising in inclusive communication and communication management in socialprofit organisations and government.

He holds a master's degree in Communication Studies and Political Science (VUBrussels). Eric started his career in journalism and at the communications agency MIOS. He has been a lecturer at the Mechelen University College since 1990. He started the first scientific research activities there in 1997, leading the Memori research centre until 2014. Since then, he has been seconded part-time to Kortom, the professional association for government and social profit communication. Eric Goubin specialises in inclusive communication and communication management in social profit and government organisations.

These are the main projects of recent years:

  • Groot Gemeentelijk Communicatieonderzoek: five-yearly survey of municipal communication officers (since 1997)
  • Lokale communicatiemonitor: Population survey on reach and rating of municipal communication
  • De nieuwe communicatiedienst (via Kortom vzw): research on how institutions organise their communication operation
  • De socialprofit communicatiescan (via Kortom vzw): mapping communication operations in the socialprofit sector
  • Analoog of digitaal (via Kortom vzw): research on inclusive communication in the information society
  • Trendonderzoek communicatie (via Kortom vzw)
  • De Interne Communicatiemonitor: research on how companies and organisations develop their internal communication

For a list of publications, check the LinkedIn page.