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Sabine Nelis

Care and Well-being - People and Well-being

Sabine Nelis has been a lecturer-researcher in the People and Well-being Research Group since 2018

About Sabine

Sabine Nelis has worked as a lecturer and researcher within the Applied Psychology programme since 2018. She teaches courses on research methodology and youth prevention; and supervises students in their internships and undergraduate theses. As a researcher, she supports research projects of external organisations and is currently working on an action research project on the working principles of substantive think tanks that bring together professionals from different policy domains around a concrete question for help in the field of education.

Previously, Sabine worked for nine years at KU Leuven where she did a PhD on risk factors for depressive symptoms. The focus here was on what people think and do when they feel happy; and more specifically, the precipitating thoughts that can arise after a happy event. After all, not only increased negative feelings, but also a reduction in positive feelings, are a core symptom of depression. During her postdoctoral research, she investigated this issue specifically in adolescents.