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Research line coordinator

Wessel van de Veerdonk

Care and Well-being - People and Well-being

Wessel van de Veerdonk (Msc) is research coordinator for Prevention and empowerment in the Human and Welfare Research Group. His research focus is currently on optimal preventive health care specifically for people with reduced access.

About Wessel

Wessel is an epidemiologist (Msc) and nurse practitioner (Bsc) with a strong clinical background in (forensic) psychiatry and additional experience within the gastroenterological surgery department. After combining study and work for 8 years, Wessels' focus has moved to scientific research by starting his PhD at the University of Antwerp. With enthusiasm, he investigated possible effectiveness improvements for the Flemish Population Screening for Colorectal Cancer in collaboration with the Centre for Cancer Detection and the Cancer Registry Foundation. In October 2019 in the completion phase of his PhD, Wessel started as a researcher and coordinator within Thomas More University College. As coordinator of the new research focal point Accessible Care within the Department of Nursing (Mechelen), Wessel hopes to 'connect the dots'.