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Implementation and development of economic viable algae-based value chains


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Project aim

IDEA envisions the development and enrolment of economic viable value chains based on micro-algae in NWEurope. More particularly, partners from Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Ireland are involved, which are countries exposed to a similar climate that is significantly different from the south-European climate.




Today, algae based value chains are not established despite free greenhouse capacities suitable for algae growth. IDEA aims to innovate and push the process development from individual solutions to a viable process chain targeting final compounds for food, feed and cosmetic applications. This will involve at longer term more than 60 SMEs in the region.

Algenserre RADIUS


IDEA addresses innovations related to:

  1. algae species for NWEurope climate and cultivation efficiency for prolonged growth seasons in NWE (up to 360 days)
  2. development of an automated water recirculation, harvest unit & alternative CO2 resources
  3. storage concept, logistics and preservation of algae biomass
  4. regional activities for algae processing, potentially comparable to the milk industry
  5. >15 novel products formulations to targeting value generation. IDEA starts where earlier projects ended.


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Real-Time Monitoring of Microalgal Biomass in Pilot-Scale Photobioreactors Using Nephelometry
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Pilot-Scale Cultivation of the Snow Alga Chloromonas typhlos in a Photobioreactor


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