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Why should you report it?

Our reporting contact point is your first shelter, but we can – if you allow us – redirect you to the trust network for students (or personnel) of Thomas More or to organisations outside Thomas More.
Our reporting contact point provides a familiar and secure environment to ask your question or to report inappropriate behaviour. The employees of the reporting contact point are bound by professional secrecy. They share your information only when you want to.

Who is it for?

Anyone who studies at, works at or visits Thomas More, must feel safe and at ease at our campuses. Both during classes, at internships and during meetings or exams. Thomas More does not allow inappropriate behaviour of any kind.

How to get in contact with the hotline?

Where does your report end up?

Our confidential coaches are Dorien Deketelaere and Nele Doumen, who are also professional social workers within Student Services.

Want to talk to somebody else?

CHS | CHS has been supporting the international community of Belgian community regardless of their nationality or circumstances.