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All our invoices have to be paid within 30 days alter the invoice's date, unless another date should be mentioned.

All the protests of invoices must be made by registered letter, within 30 days, from the invoice's date. After this date, all student/client renounce formally to any kind of protests.

In case of late payment, the student/client is due to pay, in addition to the capital amount, a collection letter costs of 20 € and a delay interest a I% per month on the capital amount starting from the invoice's date, ipso-jure and without no need of notice.

ln case of non-payment, the invoice will be transmitted to a debt-collection office and a legal procedure can be started. From that moment, a flat-rate compensation of 15 % with a  minimum of 40 euro will be charged. In case of legal procedure and by judgment all legal costs will fully come at charge of the student/client.

A student is only allowed to participate to a test, if he/she paid all study expenses and other school fees, unless there was previously a written agreement via the service for student. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the inscription will be suspended and all eventual obtained results will be considered as non-existent and the student shall not receive any credit for the particular courses. Those measures shall remain until the study expenses and other school fees are paid. A later and eventual registration is only possible if all the due amount for the achieved period was paid.

All protests concerning the invoices resorts exclusively under the competence of the jurisdiction of Mechelen and Turnhout