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Practical Information

  • A B2-English level is compulsory.
  • Registration and welcome mid-June.
  • Courses start 18 September 2023 till 22 December 2023.
  • Christmas break from 23 December 2023 till 7 January 2024.
  • Exams are organised in December 2023 and/or January 2024.
  • A buddy can be assigned on request.
  • Exchange students from partner institutes of Thomas More do not pay any tuition fee.

How does it work?

Team up with students with a different cultural and study background. A multidisciplinary semester consists of a total of 30 ECTS, combining 15 ECTS professional skills in your study field with 15 ECTS future proof skills of your choice.

  • First choose around 15 ECTS professional skills in your study field:
    • Be inspired by our professionals with in-depth and unique insights, both in theory and practice, into issues relevant to their field of expertise
    • Gain in-depth knowledge in your professional field
  • Combine these with 15 ECTS future proof skills of your choice:
    • Work on projects and cases in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams
    • Learn to find suitable and creative solutions, structure information, make visuals to pitch your ideas and improve your overall global leadership qualities

Professional skills

Future Proof skills

Applied Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

Biochemistry & Biotechnology



Electronics-ICT (Cyber Security)

Energy Technology

Life Sciences & Chemistry

Medical Laboratory Technology

Nursing and Midwifery Lier

Nursing and Midwifery Turnhout

Nutrition and Dietetics


Social work


Summer School


Intercultural communication

Project case

First Aid

Startup bootcamp Social and Climate Impact

Survival Dutch

COIL: Global Interprofessional Challenges in Health Care