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O2Nome: mobile oxygen therapy


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Oxypoint's vision is optimised oxygen therapy, with greater patient comfort and mobility, and to make hospitals self-sufficient in terms of mobile oxygen supply. For this reason, the Oxypoint team developed the next generation of intelligent oxygen cylinders and associated umbrella monitoring software. Working closely with the Belgian and Dutch living labs Licalab and Slimmer Leven, the concept is being tested with the various hospital stakeholders through iterative co-creation sessions and user testing.

The smart, refillable O2NOME oxygen bottles are easier to handle by nurses as they are significantly more compact and lighter compared to current models. Moreover, they have a higher autonomy in terms of oxygen delivery, due to the integration of patented Oxypoint technology. By capitalising on current trends and opportunities such as internet of things and personalisation of therapy, O2NOME further achieves substantial optimisation of internal oxygen bottle logistics. All this makes O2NOME the new innovation in oxygen therapy.


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