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Online workbook on tackling and preventing loneliness in elderly people in need of care and their informal caregivers


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Koning Boudewijnstichting

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The online workbook will increase the expertise of professionals in the field and in higher education regarding loneliness: how do you recognize signals of loneliness, how do you deal with this and how can you support in an appropriate way?


The objective is to develop an online workbook for care providers on tackling and preventing loneliness among elderly people in need of care and their informal caregivers.

This workbook is written in the language of the professionals in the field to stand. We process specific cases for illustration, add short exercises, useful tips…

Teachers from higher education can also use it so that future professionals also immediately acquire the right skills. Themes that are discussed are: what is loneliness, how can you recognize loneliness, how do you make loneliness a topic of discussion, etc. We are building on Vonk3's substantive expertise to develop the workbook.


Elderly people in need of care, but also their informal caregivers, are at a noticeably higher risk of loneliness. Professionals in healthcare and welfare often come into contact with elderly people in need of care as well as their informal caregivers in their daily work.


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Fascinated by the topic of loneliness and its management and prevention.