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You can rent housing 'with social engagement' in our residences in Mechelen and Antwerp.

This means that you want to make a difference to your fellow residents and the local community during your time in college. As a student living in student housing with social engagement and commitment to your community, your time at university becomes that much more rewarding. 

We want our residences to be close-knit communities. That’s why they have been built with socialising in mind, with large communal living rooms or kitchens. There’s no resident landlord, which means we count on you and your fellow students to make the best of your new shared home and take care of it! 

Planning on living in a residence on Campus National (Antwerp) or Campus Kruidtuin (Mechelen) and want to make a difference for your fellow students or the local community of your college town? Then get involved in one of our social engagement projects. At our residences, the focus is on study, but also on social commitment.  

How you can get involved: 
  • Provide assisted living support to fellow students with an impairment.  
  • Volunteer in the local community. Take a visit to a retirement home people, tutor kids ... 

Before you move into our residence, we will discuss which project you have committed yourself to and how to go about doing this practically.