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The Belgian Employment Services

Are you allowed to live and work in Belgium?
In that case our employment services can help you in many ways. 
In Belgium we have four employment services:

  • VDAB, responsible for the Flemish region, official language: Dutch
  • ACTIRIS, responsible for the Brussels-Capital Region, official language: Dutch and French
  • Le FOREM, responsible for the Walloon Region, official language: French
  • ADG, responsible for the German Community, official language: German


Check what the employment services can do for you.

Working as a Non-EEA in Belgium

A non-EEA national may be permitted to work in Belgium as a highly qualified person if certain conditions are met. The foreign national must be granted the permission to work by means of a work permit B. Work permits are applied for by the future employer.  

Applicants are considered a highly qualified person if they meet the following conditions:

Please note:
Minimum salary thresholds are updated on an annual basis. This means that once you have a work permit which meets the minimum threshold, your annual gross salary must adjust and keep up with any threshold changes. If you turn 30 during the contract period and are working in Flanders, your salary expectations will need to meet the age +30 salary requirements. In this case, your employer must add an addendum to your contract in which they commit to respect the salary threshold of employees aged 30 years and older once you turn 30. 

Benefits in kind which are made aware in the contact and at the start of employment can count toward the salary threshold. 

Work permit B

For information about work permit B conditions, procedure, and application steps, please visit the regional employment authority corresponding to your desired place of employment:

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