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Putting the international into international studies

Students from all over the world come study at Thomas More, creating a diverse community that represents a wide variety of cultures and life experiences.

We give our students an international experience on different levels, building up your international portfolio and getting you ready to compete on the global stage. From study exchanges and internships abroad, to international projects, online collaborations with renowned universities worldwide, short mobilities abroad... a wide variety of possibilities to make your international degree even more international!


Exploring internship opportunities

Depending on your study programme, you’ll be required to do one or more internships during your studies. For our English-taught bachelor programmes, internships will be performed during your final year, typically lasting one semester (12 to 16 weeks). 
With your university account, you can access our internship portal and Thomas More Career Center where you’ll be able to explore internship opportunities related to your field.

Voluntary Internship

If an internship or second internship isn’t required during your study programme, you can still pursue an internship opportunity by requesting permission from your study programme manager or study counsellor. You must demonstrate that there is a link between your studies and the internship in order to get approved. Once approved, Thomas More will issue you a voluntary internship contract, so you’ll have insurance throughout your internship engagement.

Pack your Bags

Each November the International Office organises a special seminar session called Pack Your Bags, where students learn all about internationalisation possibilities during their studies at Thomas More. You will then get information on:

  • In-person, virtual and blended opportunities
  • Short and long study exchanges
  • International internships
  • Specific opportunities for your study field
  • Duration, registration, academic credits
  • Scholarships
  • Past student experiences
  • …and much more!

Enrolled? Find more information on our Student Portal!

Study Exchange

A study exchange gives you the opportunity to specialise in certain areas, immerse yourself in another language and explore new cultures. When picking a study exchange destination, students can choose from our worldwide network of university partners. Reviews from past students and an easy-to-use database will help you find the best fit!