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Are you an artist and do you want to combine your studies with art practice? We’ll work out a scheme for you in which your study obligations are as compatible as possible with your activities as an artist, for example exam facilities (moving exams), internships, replacement assignment for permanent evaluation ...


Applying for facilities


1. Check whether you meet the minimum requirements

To qualify for facilities, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You have an artist status.
  • You can demonstrate the quality and the supra-regional importance of your work on the basis of a portfolio.

2. Complete the online application form

Fill in the online application form at the latest one month before you need certain facilities. (coming soon)

3. The culture coordinator will contact you to discuss the file

Every application is assessed individually. The cultural coordinator can recognise a student artist on the basis of the application and the interview. He offers advice with regard to facilities that are useful to combine practicing art and studying. Send a portfolio to the cultural coordinator to show the quality and importance of your work or take this portfolio with you to the interview.

4. The programme manager decides on the allocation of facilities

The culture coordinator offers advice to the course coordinator. The programme manager decides on the allocation of facilities and informs the student.

Any questions? Contact our culture coordinator