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It’s about being caregiver besides your courses. Caregiving is about offering special support to a member of the family or to somebody close to you with whom you have an affectionate relationship and who is in need of care. This person lives in an exceptional situation and needs more than usual care, because of illness, disability or mental difficulties. This extra specific help is provided for at least 15 hours a week. Therefore, having children is not a reason to be a caregiver. Each student at Thomas More can apply. If you are not registered yet, you can schedule an appointment with the inclusion coordinator.


Applying for facilities


1. First check whether you meet the minimum requirements

  •  You offer exceptional support to a member of the family, a neighbour, a friend … at home. 
  • This person must be someone you live nearby with and with whom you have an affectionate relationship.
  • The person you help is care-dependent and lives in an exceptional situation. More than the usual care is being given, because of illness, disability or mental difficulties.
  • This extra and specific aid is being given during at least 15 hours a week.
  • The assistance and help are provided non-professionally, free of charge and in cooperation with at least one professional health care provider.

2. Fill in this online application form (coming soon). Take into account that we need 4 weeks to examine your application.

3. The inclusion coordinator will contact you to discuss your request.

Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Based on the request, the inclusion coordinator will invite you for an interview and provide a form for the attending physician of the person in need of care to complete. Based on this form, your request and the conversation with the inclusion coordinator, the inclusion coordinator may recognise you as a student caregiver.

4. The programme manager has the final decision.

The inclusion coordinator formulates an advice with regard to the facilities needed for you. On this basis, in consultation with your programme manager, a decision can be made to grant you facilities. The programme manager informs you of the duration of these facilities: either permanently or for one academic year.

What exactly are individual facilities?

A facility is about support that is offered, a compensation ... on the ground of a valid reason. In your situation, this means one will examine whether certain agreements must/could be adjusted so that you can more easily combine your lessons with being a caregiver. It is about individual, tailor-made agreements.
Suppose that the basic agreements of your course (which also include inclusive facilities, i.e. facilities that you receive without submitting this form) provide you with sufficient support to combine your course with being a caregiver, then you do not need to fill in this form. It is of course allowed if you want to report you being a caregiver.