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Thomas More wants to offer students with a disability all opportunities to fully participate in education and student life. We choose as much as possible for an inclusive approach. We try to organise the education so that you need a minimum of exceptions. However, that is not always possible. That is why you can also apply for facilities. Bear in mind, you will have to renew the application annually.


Applying for facilities


1. You complete the online application form

Fill in your application form as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we need up to 4 weeks to process your application. (coming soon)

2. The inclusion coordinator will contact you to discuss the file

Every application is viewed to measure. Some course programmes need more adjustments than others. Therefore: discuss which facilities are suitable for you with your inclusion coordinator.

3. The programme manager decides on the allocation of the facilities

The inclusion coordinator offers advice about the facilities you need. Based on this, it may be decided -in consultation with your programme manager- to allocate your facilities. The inclusion coordinator will inform you about the duration of these facilities: they may be either permanent or for one academic year.


    Thomas More offers students with disabilities a variety of tools. Depending on your personal question and needs, you can make use of this. The inclusion coordinator will inform you about this and help you with the application. Here’s a selection from the range of tools:

    • Reading software
    • Training related aids for nursing students
    • Interpreter support
    • Educational help (through VAPH i.e. the Flemish agency for people with disabilities)

    If you want to use one of these tools or you are looking for a solution tailored to your disability, please contact your inclusion coordinator.