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As part of Interreg North West Europe, The ValuSect project enhances the innovation performance of enterprises throughout NWE regions by strengthening the transnational cooperation and exploitation of research on insects as resource for the development of new (semi) finished food and feed products. The ValuSect consortium consists of 11 full members and 8 associated partners from 7 countries in the NWE area, with Thomas More University of Applied Sciences as lead partner. The consortium consists of partners with different fields of expertise such as insect breeding, processing, food technology and commercialisation.

By doing research, the ValuSect project aims to clarify questions from SMEs regarding different topics. These topics include

  1. quality improvement of the sustainable production of insects, taking into account environmental factors such as the emission of greenhouse gasses and the use of side streams as substrate,
  2. the quality improvement of produced insects and food safety including the nutritional composition, microbial load and shelf life of insects and insect-based products and
  3. the consumers’ attitude towards insect-based products. Four insect species are included in the ValuSect project, namely the yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor), the migratory locust (Locusta migratoria), the house cricket (Acheta domesticus) and the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens).

ValuSect enhances innovation performance of NWE food and feed companies by transferring the build knowledge on these topics and work in co-creation with enterprises. Cases of companies using insects in food and feed applications will be supported by ValuSect by delivering the companies relevant services (e.g. R&D advice, life testing) through the voucher scheme.​ The accelerator program will be sustained after the project. This will increase the innovation levels of enterprises in the food industry in the NWE Area and will accelerate the creation of a consumer market for insect applications in the long term.

Project results

With the help of the ValuSect project, many valuable results have been achieved and new insights have been gained that will boost the insect sector. Numerous reports and publications containing valuable knowledge have been made publicly available. In addition, a website has been developed to consolidate all project results and other valuable information for the sector. This website serves as an 'insect search engine' and is accessible to everyone, from interested individuals to teachers, )breeders, government institutions, and more. You can find various information on the website, including presentations, videos, guidelines, scientific publications, and even recipes with insects. In the future, the information on this website will continue to expand. Feel free to take a look at the website by clicking here.



ValuSect's project counts nine full partners: Thomas More, Inagro, University of Aberysthwyth, ZHAW, Fontys, Innovatiesteunpunt, Teagasc, NGN Pro-Active, BIC Innovation and AlienorEU.

The project can also rely on 8 associated partners who will help spreading the knowledge on insect-based food: Flanders Food, BIIF, Greenport Westholland, Eurasanté, Pole Valorial, and Bio Treat Center, Food Processing and the Welsh Government.