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Safe and easy sharing of health information between health professionals and patients


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MS Outlook plug-in for safe email, chat and file sharing
Since 1 January 2016 it is mandatory for healthcare organisations to take all measures possible to prevent data leaks under the Dutch data protection law (Wbp). Additionally, the General Data Protection Regulation was put into effect Europe-wide a few months ago. In 1,5 years, this could lead to fines of up to 4% of a business' annual revenue if a data leak occurs. ZIVVER offers an easy-to-use plug-in for MS Outlook which enables users to safely email, chat and share files. Compared to existing solutions, the basis of ZIVVER is unique: safety, user-friendliness and direction are all equally important. If you use ZIVVER to send sensitive information, you prevent human errors, ensure that no one else can access it, are able to withdraw the message and get notifications of any mistakes. ZIVVER also leads to various savings.

Co-creation and testing in real-life situations in care institutions in Flanders and the Netherlands
ZIVVER's beta version will be tested in real-life situations in care institutions in Flanders and the Netherlands, and will be further developed in co-creation with healthcare providers. The user experience of several healthcare organisations should also increase the sensitivity of smart settings/configurations. Real-life tests offer valuable experience in the procedural implementation of the ZIVVER service in healthcare organisations. After all, this is still work that needs to be specifically tailored to information streams, risk recognition and business rules. The objective is to offer the ZIVVER service to an important number of parties in the border region and beyond. CrossCare can act as an accelerator in this process.

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