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Mobile cultivation installations with microalgae on different agricultural businesses


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The ERDF-project AlgMobil aims to address the knowledge gaps on the profitability and efficiency of different microalgae cultivation systems. The cultivation of microalgae is considered an innovative sustainable production with great potential. In addition, microalgae are a renewable resource and can therefore contribute to the transition to a circular economy. Nevertheless, the start-up of microalgae cultivation is slow. A major reason for this is the high need of information among potential breeders.

The ERDF-project AlgMobil aims to formulate a clear answer to the questions that hinder the implementation of this innovative cultivation. Thanks to AlgMobil, there will be a thorough evaluation of different microalgae culture conditions at carefully selected sites in the region. This evaluation will be made possible through the development and deployment of a fully mobile cultivation plant. During the project, a broad range of locations will be selected to obtain a wide dataset.

AlgMobil should eventually enable the Flemish region to implement innovative microalgae cultivation with focus on unlocking the potential for the development of a complete microalgae value chain in the region.

Lichten voor alggroei te bevorderen

Growing microalgae on site

AlgMobil was started from the agricultural sector's interest in growing microalgae. On the other hand, the step up to an algae farm is quite large, as it requires quite a lot of knowledge and experience. That is precisely where the AlgMobil makes a difference: it is a mobile installation that makes it possible to grow microalgae and optimize the cultivation process on the farm itself. Through AlgMobil, we also provide missing information and experience, giving start-up companies a step ahead. This way AlgMobil helps to put Flemish algae cultivation on the map.

Would you like to start growing microalgae, but don't know where to start? Maybe you are interested in a mobile cultivation installation, so you can gain experience within the algae sector? Then contact us by clicking the button below!

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