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A further exploration of the caring neighborhood analysis support package


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Within Empowercare we continue to build on the caring neighborhood analysis support package. Two pilot municipalities are working on caring neighborhoods and they do this in a substantiated manner through concrete actions and initiatives.

Caring neighborhoods?

These are neighborhoods in which a coherent and neighborhood-oriented approach to housing, care and welfare can ensure that the person with a support need can continue to live at home in their familiar environment for as long as possible. We formulate actions and recommendations based on the caring villages support package and inspired by the models of the project partners. Within this project we investigate whether and how they contribute to more caring villages for people over 65 and people over 50 with a chronic care need.

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The Empowercare project aims to develop innovative strategies for people with care needs. This will enable them to improve their contact with the neighborhood and the support from the neighborhood. In this way, people with care needs can stay safely in their familiar environment for as long as possible. The goal is to reduce loneliness and social isolation with a person-centered approach to care.

Based on the evaluation research, we will produce a final report with effective elements. We will investigate what works, for whom, in what context, and why.

There are five specific objectives:

  • Investigate how we can further expand the supportive package of caring neighborhood analysis.
  • Examine how local authorities can concretely implement the action plan.
  • Develop an empowerment strategy using the models of the project partners.
  • Test this empowerment strategy in two pilot locations.
  • Disseminate our acquired knowledge.


Trends like the aging population, loneliness among young and old, a society that is becoming increasingly individualized, increasing care demands, people who cannot find their way to care... ensure that more people in a vulnerable situation are slipping through the cracks. An increasing number of people in a vulnerable position, with care needs, want to organize their lives independently at home. That is why a caring neighborhood is increasingly important.

Our role

This research is part of the European project Empowercare. We work together with the Province of Antwerp. We conduct an evaluation study and carry out scientific monitoring.



Leen Heylen

Fascinated by the topic of loneliness and its management and prevention.


Dorien Gryp

Loneliness researcher with a passion for public spaces. Always in the mood for a concert.


Birthe Sels

Social work researcher with a passion for fostering and enhancing care and well-being within our society.