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Steven Joris

Care and Well-being - People and Well-being

Steven Joris (MSc) has been a researcher in the People and Well-being research group since 2017. He has expertise in diagnostics, test psychology and mental health policy.

About Steven

Steven Joris is a clinical psychologist and psychodiagnostic. Within the Applied Psychology programme, he contributes to the continuous optimisation of the psychodiagnostics curriculum (both in basic and continuing education) in close consultation with the professional field. As a researcher, he is attached to the Human & Wellbeing research group, where he is coordinator of Assessment Hub and takes an active and coordinating role in the areas of test development and test use. Overall, Steven is committed to the strategic positioning and broad dissemination of the psychodiagnostic expertise of both the Applied Psychology programme and the Human & Wellbeing research group. Steven sits as a board member within the Division of Psychodiagnostics (Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists), the Testing Committee (Belgian Federation of Psychologists), and the Board of Assessment (European Federation of Psychologists' Associations). At the local level, he is also involved in the operation of the Psychologenkring Antwerpen Centrum (PAC) and the Eerstelijnszone Antwerpen Oost (ELZA Oost).

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