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Tine Vertommen

Care and Well-being - People and Well-being

Tine Vertommen (PhD) is research coordinator of Safeguarding Sport & Society  in the People and Well-being research group. As a criminologist she conducts research on the prevalence and prevention of harassment and abuse in sports. 

About Tine

Dr Vertommen holds a MA in Ethics, a MSc in Criminology and a PhD in Medicine and Health Sciences. Dr Tine Vertommen heads the 'Safeguarding Sport & Society' research line at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, Belgium. She is also appointed as the external expert consultant to the newly established Safe Sport Unit at the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC), where she is responsible for the knowledge transfer and the evidence-base development of the IOC’s tools, policies, and procedures to promote safe sport. Tine currently coordinates the International Research Network on Violence and Integrity in Sport (IRNOVIS), funded by the Research Foundation Flanders.

Her research focusses on the prevalence and prevention of interpersonal violence against children and adolescents in sport. She was responsible for the first large-scaled study into the prevalence of interpersonal violence in sport in the Netherlands and Belgium, and she co-developed the Interpersonal Violence in Sport Questionnaire, which serves as the foundation of most studies on interpersonal violence in sport worldwide. Dr Vertommen's latest projects focus on the development of bystander interventions to detect and prevent interpersonal violence in local sport clubs.

At the international level, Dr Vertommen is a member of the Council of Europe's Safe Sport Pool of International Experts; the European Commission High-Level Expert Group on Gender Equality in Sport; and the Academic Advisory Board of the IOC Certificate course for Safeguarding Officer in Sport. Her valorization impact is demonstrated by IOC’s selection of Dr Vertommen as one of the 12 leading international experts drafting the forthcoming IOC Consensus Statement on Safeguarding in Sport (2023).

Selection of publications 

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