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Energy in greenhouse horticulture


The greenhouse as a source of energy

Opportunities for cooperation


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Can we connect a greenhouse farm with a combined heat and power (CHP) system to another heat consumer without a CHP (such as agriculture, industry, swimming pool, apartment building,...)?

A CHP allows you to generate energy (electricity and heat) more efficiently than separate generation. This can greatly reduce the energy cost and CO2 emissions of both businesses (greenhouse and linked business).

This study made a technical and economic evaluation of 15 concrete real-life cases.

In the second part of the study, we focus on sustainability and the cooperation of these areas with their surroundings. We are building on the results of the previous study. In this project, the potential of geothermal energy and the synergy with neighboring business complexes are further investigated.

In a third section, our researchers allowed the greenhouse horticulture sector to look ahead and identify new opportunities. For example, we examined whether we could apply hydrogen technology within the greenhouse horticulture sector. Together with companies, we examined the production, storage and use of hydrogen gas from CHP technology.




Herman Marien

Greenhouse horticulture expert. Lecturer and greenhouse horticulture representative.


Bert De Schutter

Practical application of energy technologies in buildings and greenhouses. Technical-economic evaluations of heat grids, heat pumps, etc., among others.