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Entrepreneurship in numbers

105 Students

who applied for student entrepreneur status

3 Big events

which we organize to bring you closer to entrepreneurship

108 Students

who participated in the Night of the Entrepreneurial Student

52 Teachers

who introduce entrepreneurship in their classes

Student Entrepreneur

Do you want to combine your studies with entrepreneurship?  We’ll work out an arrangement for you in which your study obligations are tailored as much as possible to your business activity, for example exam facilities (moving exams), internships, replacement assignments for permanent evaluations ...

Note: the application must be renewed annually. Student entrepreneurs can also be professionally supervised by the Starters Service to take your business plan to a higher level. To qualify for facilities, please complete the online application form. The entrepreneurship coordinator will contact you to discuss the file. 

Every application is assessed individually. Based on the application and the interview, the entrepreneur coordinator can recognise the student as entrepreneur. He offers advice with regard to the facilities that may be useful to combine activities for the company and studying.