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The More ICE Awards is the perfect place to expand your perspective as an entrepreneurial student. You'll discover how collaborations across studies unlock a whole host of new opportunities.

Dries Augustyns, 2022

December 14, 2023

Night of the entrepreneurial student

Every year we challenge students during the Night of the Entrepreneurial Student. Students receive an evening challenge from a company. You'll be immersed in brainstorming techniques, then take the first steps in a business model canvas, then in the early hours get your pitch ready. In the morning, teams pitch as if their lives depended on it and the winner goes away with a great prize.  This event is open to all students from all programs and all campuses. This event is supported by the Office Management program. There will be a bus from Mechelen to Geel for all students who want to participate from the Mechelen region.

Save the date! December 14, 2023


February, 2024

Creators Night

Verzin jij een oplossing voor de uitdaging van een Mechels bedrijf? Leer lokale bedrijven kennen en ga mee in hun strategie. Misschien ken jij wel de manier om hun verkoop te laten stijgen, of meer bezoeker aan te trekken of hun social media profiel op te krikken. Echt bedrijven met echte vragen en jij werkt een avond aan dè oplossing! Je presenteert jouw idee en dan ga je op bezoek in het bedrijf. Vorig jaar was er onder andere Circolito, My Exboyfriend, de Vleeshalle en Kabas die hun probleem presenteerden. 

More info soon!

May, 2024

More ICE awards

At Thomas More, we have an eye for everyone with ICE talent. What's more, you can win a More ICE Award and great prizes for yourself and your course. Have you developed an innovative or creative project within your course? Or are you working on your own idea or business? Start dreaming of that €250, that tailor-made advice and that professional video in which your project and your education are central!
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For 'Night of the entrepreneurial student' contact Marc. For 'Creators Night' contact Sarah.  For 'MORE ICE awards' contact Ann