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Poverty reduction in Willebroek

Working together for an effective and supported local poverty reduction policy

Commissioned by the municipality of Willebroek

Social participation

CEBUD acts as an external project supervisor in Willebroek, where the local government, together with all partners involved in the field, outlines a way to turn Willebroek into a municipality with a transparent offer of help and services, where citizens are actively informed and supported in order to guarantee the conditions for a dignified life. The fight against poverty is important from both an individual and a societal point of view. When citizens have sufficient opportunities to participate fully in society, they increase both their own and society's capital.

As the conditions for social participation are both individual and societal and relate to multiple areas of life, conducting an effective anti-poverty policy requires both cooperation between different actors from various sectors and cooperation at several administrative levels. In other words, a good anti-poverty policy is multi-actor, multi-sector and multi-level.

In accordance with their basic mission, the OCMW and the municipality of Willebroek aim to increase the opportunities for social participation of their inhabitants living in

poverty, so that, in accordance with art. 1 of the OCMW law, they have a better chance of leading a dignified life.

Supported poverty policy

Through this project, the OCMW of Willebroek aims to establish an effective and supported poverty policy together with all partners in the field. With the scientific support of CEBUD (Thomas More), it wants to develop activities proactively and in dialogue with the target group that contribute to giving all citizens of Willebroek better opportunities to participate fully in society.


Research manager

Bérénice Storms

PhD in social sciences. Research manager Centre of Expertise Budget and Financial Well-being