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Pilot project temporary mobile care housing in cooperation with IOK

'Temporary Mobile Care Housing' pilot project


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Mobile care housing is still in an experimental phase. The application of the new regulations has not yet been sufficiently tested in practice.
The aim of the pilot project is to inform citizens and guide effective applications and placements of a mobile care unit.
LiCalab is conducting the user research through a survey and interviews.


The municipalities of Hoogstraten, Mol and Westerlo are involved partners within this pilot project. Through the effective placement of temporary care housing, practical experience is built up and insights are gained into spatial planning bottlenecks and solutions. LiCalab focuses on the needs and solutions for the end user and his care environment.

IOK organised a private co-procurement. Two providers were selected: Pearl Homes and Care Shelter. Within the period of the pilot project, a mobile care unit will be installed in Hoogstraten.


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