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Samenwerken aan zorgzame dorpen

A support process with impact, for local governments and organizations that are involved in caring villages and neighborhoods.


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Provincie Antwerpen


With this project, we are developing a sustainable support trajectory for ‘caring villages and neighborhoods’. To achieve this, we focus on the following objectives:

  1. Broadening: developing and offering suitable services to local governments and residential care organizations for the successful application of the ‘caring villages’ support package at the local level, so that the package can be successfully disseminated to starting local governments and residential care organizations in terms of sustainability.
  2. Deepening #1: strengthening the implementation by monitoring, supporting, monitoring and evaluating the further steps, with the aim of increasing the impact.
  3. Deepening #2: drawing up and testing a supra-local module, within the ‘caring villages’ support package, for inter-municipal cooperation associations and primary care zones, so that cooperation at the supra-local level is supported.
  4. Learning networks: starting up learning networks around the ‘caring villages’ support trajectory, both in the broadening and deepening phases.


Our role

  • Research
  • Developing a support process with workshops and a learning network


Supporting local governments and organizations that focus on caring neighborhoods in every step of the implementation: from analysis to practice, follow-up and adjustment.


The support trajectory for caring villages includes:

  • A basic support package for caring villages
  • An impact module
  • A supra-local module
  • Guidance services for starting organizations
  • Guidance services for experienced organizations
  • Guidance services for supra-local cooperation associations
  • A learning network



Birthe Sels

Social work researcher with a passion for fostering and enhancing care and well-being within our society.


Wim Wouters


Leen Heylen

Fascinated by the topic of loneliness and its management and prevention.