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Setting up valorisation of residual insect substrate in Flanders


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ValoReSect aims to establish a chain for the valorisation of insect frass in Flanders. This is done by informing the sector through case studies on the legal requirements as well as the financial and practical feasibility to process frass into sustainable raw material for production of soil improvers or fertilisers.

To realise valorisation of frass, the following will be identified:

  • Economic profitability of alternative processing techniques
  • Safety and quality of the end product
  • Role of the different actors in the valorisation chain

Besides fermentation and composting, 3 alternative processing techniques will be investigated: thermal drying, pelletisation and pyrolysis or a combination of these techniques. A case study will be developed for each of these techniques. Work will be done specifically with the frass of mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) and black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens). The case studies will answer 3 concrete questions:

  • Financial and practical feasibility of alternative processing techniques at pilot scale
  • Conformity of processed frass to legislation
  • Economic added value of residue as raw material:
    • Physico-chemical properties
    • Plant growth trials


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