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Well rested

Support for sleep hygiene, prevention and early detection of sleep disorders


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The "Well Rested" project offers an integrated approach to sleep disorders. The project partners are elaborating a regional action plan for first line care. Two tools to support sleep hygiene are being tested and adapted and an e-module is being developed for healthcare actors on early detection of sleep disorders and non-drug solutions. The aim is to make citizens aware of good sleep hygiene and to offer support for self-management.

The two tools are an app (Faresa) and a device (Moonbird) for sleep hygiene, prevention and early detection of sleep disorders. Via an app, citizens can determine their sleep profile, consult online advice and use a device for breathing training. 
The Moonbird device is a physical tool that uses sensors to record the heart rhythm and, based on the data, feeds back to the user via a breathing simulation that indicates the pace of breathing. The physical tool allows the user to independently improve sleep quality. Research shows that this type of feedback helps people with insomnia. The app with accompanying content is developed by Faresa.


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