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Toolbox for teaching, monitoring, and assessing various breathing therapies.


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In the Breathebox project, we are developing a toolbox to support respiratory therapists and coaches in efficiently teaching, assessing, and monitoring various breathing therapies.

The toolbox comprises sensors, algorithms, software applications, educational tools (such as animated videos), and best practice guidelines. These tools enable the measurement of specific parameters, including respiratory flow, respiratory volume, abdominal breathing, and timing.

The breathing toolbox will be utilized in different training and therapy contexts:

  • Respiratory Physical Therapy: This therapy involves the removal of excess or sticky mucus from the lungs.
  • Inhalation and Nebulization Therapy: This therapy entails inhaling medication.
  • Breathing Retraining: This focuses on normalizing breathing patterns.
  • Stress Reduction (HRV Biofeedback-based): This therapy teaches breathing exercises to reduce stress.

Within this range of therapies, the tools are tested by the therapists of our TETRA user commission along with their clients.


The breathing toolbox will bring value to the following groups.


The breathing toolbox, equipped with sensors, software tools, and educational resources like animation videos, supports therapists in efficiently instructing, evaluating, and monitoring various respiratory therapies for their clients.

Technology companies:

We aim to enhance understanding of therapists' and clients' requirements and needs, while also reducing barriers in the development of care technology for respiratory applications.

Clients and patients:

Through the toolbox, we intend to raise awareness among clients and patients and provide them access to the most effective breathing therapies, contributing to the prevention or reduction of symptom development.

Working field, education and research community:

This initiative fosters improved interaction and knowledge exchange, enabling a better understanding of each other's needs and capabilities, and fostering the emergence of new collaborations.


Proper breathing and breath control play a pivotal role in many (preventive) therapies, including respiratory physical therapy, inhalation therapy, stress and burnout treatment, speech therapy, and sports. Furthermore, the use of measurement systems like wearables and sensors is growing in healthcare, allowing non-intrusive monitoring of breathing. This equips respiratory therapists and coaches with additional tools and data for effective therapy instruction, evaluation, and monitoring.

The global increase in respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, coupled with a rise in stress-related ailments, poses significant societal costs. Innovation in respiratory techniques can provide a solution to these challenges.

Our role

Mobilab & Care is the project executer and deploys the following expertise and knowledge:

  • Respiratory therapies
  • Algorithm development
  • Application of wearables and sensors
  • Software application and demonstrator development
  • Setting up and conducting user tests
  • Implementing technology in clinical practice

Mobilab & Care benefits from input provided by a TETRA user commission consisting of a mix of care organizations and technology companies throughout this process.

In collaboration with Professor Filip Van Ginderdeuren (UZ Brussel, Vrije Universiteit Brussel), we organized a training session on the Breathebox tools.



Glen Debard

Researcher committed to introducing technology in (mental) health care for young and old.


Koen Janssens

Seeks to create a healthy body for all. Passionate about anatomy. Physiotherapist, coach, cook, and (forced) K3-lover


Mario Broeckx

Researcher fascinated by technology, health and the power of breathing. Passionate cyclist and "Climber for Life".


Roy Sevit

Passionate about using technology that supports humans and all their discomforts, creative and out-of-the-box!


Kris Cuppens

Draws energy from processing, analysing and presenting data. Always in the mood for a board game.