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Working to bond with your child

It is every parent's wish to have a warm and close relationship with their child. However, this cannot be taken for granted. For various reasons, the relationship may be strained and you may go from one conflict to another. Despite all your good intentions and the love you feel for your child, you may still feel that you and your child are not part of the same team.

With FamilyLink, Learn2Trust (KU Leuven), in collaboration with the research line Psychology and Technology, is developing an online tool for parents with children aged 0 - 18 who want to work on bonding with their child. At this stage, we are looking for parents who want to give feedback on the usability of a first version of the tool. Testing will take place at the end of June at Statik (Vital Decosterstraat 67A, 3000 Leuven) and will take a maximum of one hour. As a thank you for your input, you will receive a €10 Fnac voucher afterwards.

For interest or questions, contact Marlies Wintmolders at or 016/32.29.56.

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