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Project results

Using our three lines of research, we look for the most useful and useful tools and instruments that can support you as a user.

  • The research line Prevention and Empowerment offers tools to make healthcare accessible.
  • The research line Cross-border behaviour offers tools to create a safe environment. 
  • The research line Psychology and Technology offers websites, apps and extended reality applications for use in (mental) health care.
  • The research line Assessment and Intervention offers psychological and speech therapy diagnostic materials and intervention tools.

We usually start from a social or individual question. As a research group, we are always looking for where there is a need in the field and are always ready to find an answer for it.  Do you have a question? Feel free to contact us.



Some of the offerings from Psychology and Technology

Some of the offerings from Assessment and Intervention

Some of the offerings of Effective Prevention and Empowerment

Some of the offerings of Transgressive Behavior


Are you thinking of a tool yourself that could help you further but don't know where and how to start? Do you have questions or would you like to collaborate on the development of a tool? We would love to help you further.