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360° videos

YouTube Digital Mental Health

Patients, healthcare professionals, researchers and students are showing increasing interest in Virtual Reality. However, purchasing VR glasses still remains a rather large investment. Fortunately, there are currently low-threshold and cheaper alternatives. For instance, you can play a 360° video on your smartphone and slide it into a cheap headset or Cardboard for an optimal experience. You can find such videos in applications, make them yourself or look them up on YouTube. A few years ago, with the help of some students and interns, we posted the first 360° VR videos on our YouTube channel Digital mental health.  These videos could enrich existing exposure therapy for vertigo with step-by-step videos. We then created a series on claustrophobia. That was followed by a project in which we allowed residents of residential care homes to revisit meaningful places from their immediate surroundings in virtual reality. The most recent addition are nature videos, with or without entertainment.

YouTube Digital Mental Health

Overview of 360° videos

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