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Advice and guidance

Do you have a question about guiding or diagnosing people optimally? Do you have an idea to further advance (mental) health care by technology? Do you want to know how, as a sports club, you can take preventive action to prevent transgressive behaviour? 

Within the People and Well-being research group, we provide scientifically based advice and guidance tailored to your organisation or company.

You can come to us for advice and guidance within the following topics, among others:

Psychology and technology
  • The use of (self-help) apps

  • The use of AR/VR technology and wearables in (mental) health care

  • Teletherapy: what and how to get started?

  • Using wearables to measure, improve and strengthen your mental health.

  • Customized guidance on e-mental health applications.

Assessment and intervention
  • Psychological assessment and interventions in primary care.

  • Dimensional diagnostics of personality pathology ahv. NEO-PI-R and the DAPP-BQ

  • Language diagnostics in multilingual children and target groups

Prevention and empowerment
  • Customized guidance for care organizations, cities and municipalities to grow towards a caregiver-aware policy
Cross-border behavior
  • Prevention of (sexual) violence and transgressive behavior against children in sport

  • Restorative care in the forensic cluster within psychiatry

Feel free to contact us for an exploratory discussion around:

Psychology and technology 

Assessment and intervention

Prevention and empowerment

Cross-border behavior


Not sure where your question belongs? Contact us and we'll figure it out together.