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Helena Verhelle

Care and Well-being - People and Well-being

Helena Verhelle is a researcher in the research group People and Well-being, research line Safeguarding Sport & Society. She focusses on the prevalence and prevention of harassment and abuse in sports and higher eduction. 


About Helena 

Helena Verhelle holds a MSc in Criminology and a bachelor’s degree in applied psychology. Since 2017 she works as a researcher in the People and Well-being Research Group, research line 'Safeguarding Sport & Society'. Before she started at Thomas More University, she has worked at a Forensic Psychiatric Treatment Centre as a therapeutic counsellor.

She mainly conducts practice-based research on bystander behaviour and the prevention of harassment and abuse against children in the sports context. Helena is involved in several Erasmus+ projects (Safe Sport Allies, Safe Para Sport Allies, CICEE-T). 

Finally, Helena is coordinator of the Postgraduate Programme Forensic Psychodiagnostic and counseling and she  supervises Applied Psychology students in their undergraduate thesis as well as external research trainees.


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Vertommen, T., Verhelle, H., Martijn, F. M., & De Boeck, M. (2021). Static and Dynamic Recidivism Risk Factors of People Who Have Committed Child Sex Offenses in Sport. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 3.

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Verhelle, H., Vanhouche, A., & Huys, T. (2016). Gewichtheffen, voedingssupplementen en anabole steroïden in detentie. Nieuwe fenomenen binnen de gevangenismuren of weggecijferde moeilijkheden? Fatik, 151, 19-28.